Shifting The Way You Work

Change the world with Ichnos

Ichnos is fast-paced, forward-looking, and visionary, with a focus on creating a diverse workforce that is unafraid to take a new approach. Nimble in nature, we move quickly—working together, challenging and supporting one another to go further, look deeper, take risks, shift perspectives, and make the scientific advances that move medicine forward.

If you’re comfortable on the outside, daring to do things differently and challenging the status quo, then this might be the right place for you.

Our mission

To provide curative therapies that extend and improve lives.

Our vision

Daring to imagine a world where cure is possible. Moving beyond hope, with therapies that will forever transform medicine and lives.



Because people are waiting. To be without pain and disease. To live longer, better lives.



Because our disease-centric approach will allow us to lead the way.



Because the status quo is no longer a standard we’re willing to accept. 



Because “we” is so much stronger than “me.”

Experience something more rewarding

Passion for shifting medicine forward through research and development is what brings people to Ichnos Sciences. Our approach to treating patients and disease holistically will empower you to make a real impact. 

Ichnos is an environment where you will have significant interaction with leadership and numerous opportunities to advance your career. Colleagues employed in the United States and Switzerland enjoy competitive salaries and benefits packages, making Ichnos a truly rewarding place to work.

Ready to take a new path?

Ichnos Sciences is currently looking for extraordinary, passionate, and dedicated individuals to join our teams in the United States and Switzerland. If you’re ready to bring your unique experience and perspective to our organization to help us change the world, we want to hear from you.

View Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities

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