Shifting Medicine Forward

Ichnos Sciences

A name borrowed from Ancient Greek 
ίχνος (ˈīk – nōz), meaning footprint or path.

Progress is made in the footprints of those who came before. Of the scientists, researchers, physicians, patients, and others whose commitment paved the way, leading us to where we are today. But progress also requires the vision and the will to take a different path forward. One that leads to the future of medicine in its most innovative, most transformative, most hopeful form. To the therapies that may not only extend life, but may improve quality of life.

That’s the path we’re on at Ichnos Sciences. A path on which we took our first steps in 2019. Today, we’re forging a new course that looks at disease holistically and helps create solutions that address all its effects, bringing the courage to take scientific risks and pursue the greatest of challenges. With a whole new perspective on oncology and autoimmune disease—we strive to better understand these disease processes with the hope that it will bring us new answers. Because the world is waiting. Because cure is possible.

Shifting to a new way of thinking

Every company has a mission. Ours is one of change, with the goal of providing physicians and patients the tools to go beyond managing a disease or its consequences.

Our Culture

Meet the people who are leading real progress in science and medicine.

Our Leadership

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